South Australian Government Gazette

The official publication of the South Australian Government

Subscription Rates

Subscriptions for printed legislation and government publications are charged annually.


Standing orders for nominated legislation amendments are charged quarterly, according to page range or disc space. Sessional and annual reports are also priced by lengthquotes can be supplied once the documents are printed.


Publications are dispatched when released from Parliament, or as stipulated below.


Printed legislation
Bills subscription  $654.50 per annum
Numbered Acts (bored/unbored) subscription  $271.70 per annum
Numbered Regulations & Rules subscription  $654.50 per annum
Printed legislation amendments
1–50 pages $5.50 per document
51–100 pages $9.90 per document
101–200 pages $16.50 per document
201–300 pages $24.20 per document
301+ pages $33.00 per document
Legislation amendments on disc 
Act/Regulation $6.60 per document
Multiple Acts/Regulations $6.60 per document with 20% discount
Fortnightly legislation amendments subscription $1 291.40 per annum
Legislation database & 12 months of fortightly amendments $POA one-off
SA Statutes (Acts compendium)
Fortnightly printed Act amendments subscription $878.90 per annum
Acts archive in folders & 12 months of fortnightly printed amendments $2 488.20 one-off
Annual bound Acts $302.50 per volume
Annual bound Acts index  $151.80 per volume
 SA Government Gazette
Printed gazette $7.21 per document
Weekly printed gazettes subscription $361.90 per annum
Weekly emailed gazettes subscription $30.00 per annum
 Hansard (Parliamentary debates)
Printed debates $19.91 per document
Daily printed debates subscription $565.40 per annum
Weekly printed debates subscription $565.40 per annum
Sessional bound debates  $244.20 per volume
Parliamentary Papers
Sessional printed publications subscription $654.50 per annum
Sessional bound publications $POA per volume
Jobs SA 
Weekly printed jobs subscription $204.60 per annum
Report of the Auditor-General 
Annual bound publications $POA per volume
Annual supplementary publications $POA per document
State Budget Papers
Annual bound publications $POA per volume


The current subscription rates apply from 1 July 2016–30 June 2017 (GST included). Postage is an additional charge.