South Australian Government Gazette

The official publication of the South Australian Government

Publication Rates

Publication of Local Government notices and public notices are chargeable services. 

Quotes are calculated by notice length, unless the gazetted content pertains to businesses or estates, as detailed below. 

Invoices are emailed in the weeks following the notice publication.

Notice Length
Each line (up to 20 lines) $3.95
¼ page  $165.50
½ page  $331.00
Full page $648.45
Dissolution of Partnership $41.40
Sale of Property by Auction $70.70
Unclaimed Moneys—single name $41.40
Unclaimed Moneyseach subsequent name $14.25
Assigned Estates $41.40
Deceased Persons—single creditor  $70.20
Deceased Persons—each subsequent creditor $14.25
Deceased Persons—single closed estate $41.40
Deceased Persons—each subsequent closed estate $ 1.90
Public Trustee—each name $14.25
Selling of Probate $56.05

*Publication rates include GST.