South Australian Government Gazette

The official publication of the South Australian Government

Gazette History

South Australia’s first newspaper—the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register—was printed on 18 June 1836. Based in London, the privately owned company Thomas and Co. relied on a hand-driven Stanhope Press and a staff of only two men.


When colonisation of Australia was proclaimed, the operation moved to Hindley Street, Adelaide. 


Front page of the first South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register, London, 1836


Founders of the newspaper, Robert Thomas and George Stevenson (Secretary to Governor Hindmarsh), earned a reputation for their biased political stance. Consequently, on 15 June 1839, the rights to publishing government proceedings was legally restricted. 


The South Australian Gazette was established on 20 June 1839, initially printed by Archibald MacDougall, then Andrew Murray, followed by John Stephens.

Front page of the first South Australian Gazette, Adelaide, 1839


As a result of Thomas and Co. issuing an unauthorised gazette on 12 November 1840, Parliament renamed its official publication the South Australian Government Gazette. This proclamation introduced consistency in printing the periodical each Thursday.


To authenticate future gazettes, the Government Printing Office was formed in Victoria Square, Adelaide. William Caddy Cox was appointed the first Government Printer on 12 April 1849, operating steam-driven presses with a staff of three men, a boy, and a horse. 


Government Printing Office, King William Road, Adelaide, circa 1908
-photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia-


In 1908, the Government Printing Office relocated to King William Road, behind the current Parliament House. With added space, the unit was able to upgrade their technology to Intertype Hot Metal Typesetting Machines and begun publishing Hansard (Parliamentary debates) from 1914.

Government Printing Office, King William Road, Adelaide, circa 1936
-photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia-


Due to further expansion, the Government Printing Office moved to the Netley Complex in 1974 and was renamed State Print.


From 1993, government publications were reassigned to Riverside 2000 and based on North Terrace for convenient liaison with Parliament staff. In the year 2000, the unit was again restructured and titled Government Publishing SA. 


Government Publishing SA, North Terrace, Adelaide, 2015


A reform enhanced the State Government's printing capabilities in 2016. Under the direction of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the SA Government Gazette has been adapted for online accessibility, and a Scan to Data service was launched for government agencies.


As of 28 February 2017, the SA Government Gazette publication was rescheduled to each Tuesday, in line with the altered Executive Council meeting schedule.