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Residential Tenancies Exemption

Thursday, July 25, 2019


PURSUANT to section 118 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 (‘the Act’), I, Vickie Chapman, Attorney-General for the State of South Australia, do hereby grant the following exemption from the provisions of the Act.

This exemption applies only to residential premises where a Tier 1 (or equivalent) community housing provider, registered in accordance with part 3 of the Community Housing Providers National Law set out in Schedule 1 to the Community Housing Providers (National Law)(South Australia) Act 2013, manages the residential premises as landlord on behalf of the South Australian Housing Trust, due to the transfer of the management of that residential premises from the South Australian Housing Trust to the community housing provider, as part of a large scale tenancy and property management transfer project approved by Cabinet:

  1. Section 73 of the Act shall not apply, provided a community housing provider managing a residential premises to which this exemption applies, provides a statement setting out the following details to the tenant, within 30 days of the tenant requesting that statement and at no charge to the tenant:
    1. The meter reading at the commencement of the billing period;
    2. The meter reading at the end of the billing period;
    3. The rate charged by SA Water for supply during the period for which any claim for water supply is made;
    4. The rates charged by SA Water for water use during the period for which any claim for water use is made;
    5. Calculations in support of the claim.

Dated: 16 July 2019

Vickie Chapman MP