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Registration of Political Parties

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Part 6 – Registration of Political Parties

NOTICE is hereby given that the following application for change of Party name under the provisions of Part 6 of the Electoral Act, 1985, has been received:

Name of existing Party           Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST Inc
New Name of Party                SA-BEST Incorporated
Abbreviation                           SA-BEST
Name of Applicant                 Connie Bonaros

Any elector who believes that the new party name should not be registered because:

  • the party does not have as a purpose, the promotion of the election to the State Parliament of its endorsed candidate(s); or
  • the application does not fulfil the technical requirements specified in the Act; or
  • the party’s name is likely to be confused with that of another registered party, parliamentary party or prominent public body,

can formally object in writing to the Electoral Commissioner, Level 6, 60 Light Square Adelaide SA 5000 by 5pm (ACDT) on 21 March 2019. Objections must contain the postal address and signature of the objector and detail the grounds upon which the objection is made.

Dated: 21 February 2019

Mick Sherry
Electoral Commissioner

ECSA 232/18