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Records Required for Repair of Motor Vehicles

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Section 12 (2)
Records Required to be Kept in Relation to Recovery, Towing, Storage and Quotation
for Repair of Motor Vehicles Damaged in Accidents within the Declared Area—Notice of the Commissioner for Prices

PURSUANT to Section 12 (2) of the Prices Act 1948, I, Dini Soulio, Commissioner for Prices, require persons who in the course of a business supply a declared service to which Prices Order No. 1140 (S.A.) applies to keep, in respect of each service so supplied, a record setting out:

(a)   the time and date when the service was ordered;

(b)  the name of the person who ordered the service or other information sufficient to identify that person;

(c)   the number of running kilometres travelled for the purposes of supplying the service;

(d)  the time and date of arrival at the place of storage or repair of the vehicle to which the service relates and of return to
the registered premises of the person supplying the service;

(e)   if the work involved in supplying the service was carried out partly during normal hours and partly outside normal hours—details of the work carried out during normal hours and outside normal hours;

(f)   if more than one tow truck was used in supplying the service or more than one person was engaged in supplying the service—the number of tow trucks used or persons engaged; and

(g)   how the total charge for supplying the service was calculated.

Words and expressions used in this notice have the same meaning as in Prices Order No. 1140 (S.A.).

This notice will take effect on the day on which Prices Order No. 1140 (S.A.) comes into operation.

Dated: 4 December 2019

D. Soulio
Commissioner for Prices