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Genetically Modified Crops Exemption

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Exemption Notice

Pursuant to section 6[2][a][i] of the Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004, I, Tim Whetstone, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, issue an exemption to the University of Adelaide for the purposes of experimental cultivation of genetically modified wheat and barley, in accordance with Licence DIR 152 and its variations as issued by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, subject to the following conditions (in addition to the conditions of Licence DIR 152):

The Plantings are to be confined to the Local Government area of Marion, and is limited to the 2018 planting season only.

Before any planting the following information for each site must be provided to the Nominated Officer in PIRSA.

  1. The GPS coordinates to identify the perimeter of every area, using the GDA 94 datum (or nominated equivalent that allows conversion to this datum),
  2. The contact details of the landowner or his representative to enable authorised officers to seek consent to entry,
  3. Identification of the GMO types proposed to be grown at the area, and the area of each that is to be sown,
  4. Estimated date of planting, flowering and harvest of the site.

For the purpose of this Notice, I nominate the following person as the Nominated Officer within PIRSA to whom communication should be directed:

Manager, Surveillance and Plant Pest Control
Biosecurity SA
Plant and Food Standards

33 Flemington Street
Glenside, S.A. 5065

Telephone: (08) 8207 7807
Facsimile: (08) 8207 7844

This Exemption remains in force until the end of February 2019 or until the termination (or revocation) of DIR 152; whichever occurs first.

Dated: 8 May 2018

Tim Whetstone
Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development