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Election of Board Members

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Super SA
South Australian Superannuation Board
Election of Two Board Members

Pursuant to Regulation 6 under the Superannuation Act 1988, I am required to conduct the election of TWO members to the Super SA Board.

Nominations are invited and may be made from Monday 25 June 2018 but must reach me by NO LATER THAN 12 NOON FRIDAY 13 JULY 2018. Nomination forms may be obtained from the Electoral Commission of South Australia, Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide or phone (08) 7424 7400.

Nominations must be made on the approved form and signed by at least three persons eligible to vote in the election. Persons eligible to vote must be contributors within the meaning of the Superannuation Act 1988, a member of the Southern State Superannuation (Triple S) Scheme or an investor in the Flexible Rollover Product or Income Stream as at 5pm Friday 15 June 2018.

Candidates may, in support of their nomination, prepare promotional material of not more than 200 words and one photograph which will be forwarded to electors with their ballot papers. For inclusion this material must reach me by no later than the close of nominations.

Should a postal ballot be necessary, it will open on Monday 30 July 2018 and close at 9.30am on Friday 24 August 2018.

Any queries in relation to the role of a Board Member should be directed to Ms Kathy O’Donnell, Board Support Officer, Super SA Board, GPO Box 48, Adelaide 5001 or phone (08) 8226 2306.

Please forward nominations to: Electoral Commission of SA, GPO Box 646, ADELAIDE SA 5001 (Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide).

Mick Sherry
Electoral Commissioner

ECSA 220/17