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Designated Smoke-free Play Spaces

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Notice of Designated Smoke-free Play Spaces

NOTICE is hereby given, that at the Council meeting on 25 March 2018 the City of Unley determined, in accordance with section 246(3)(e) of the Local Government Act 1999 and clause 9 of Council’s By-Law No 3 – Local Government Land, cited as Local Government Land By-Law 2015, that subclause 9.9 of Council’s Local Government Land By-Law 2015 (Smoking) shall apply to the following Council owned, fenced play spaces, incorporating play equipment, with effect from 1 June 2019:

  • Princess Margaret Playground (Black Forest)
  • Dora Gild Playground (Clarence Park)
  • Everard Park Reserve (Everard Park)
  • Fern Avenue Reserve (Fullarton)
  • Fullarton Park (Fullarton)
  • Scammell Reserve (Fullarton)
  • Goodwood Community Centre (Goodwood)
  • North Unley Play Park (Goodwood)
  • Souter Park (Goodwood)
  • Haslop Reserve (Malvern)
  • Goodwood Oval (Millswood)
  • Orphanage Park (Millswood)
  • Fraser Reserve (Myrtle Bank)
  • Henry Codd Reserve (Parkside)
  • Leicester Street Playground (Parkside)
  • McLeay Park (Parkside)
  • Unley Oval (Unley)
  • Morrie Harrell Reserve (Unley Park)
  • Wayville Reserve (Wayville)

Consequently, smoking is not permitted in the Council owned, fenced play spaces, incorporating play equipment listed above, effective from 1 June 2019.

Dated: 2 May 2019

P Tsokas
Chief Executive Officer