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Declaration of Smoking Ban

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Notice by the Minister
Declaration that Smoking is Banned in Certain Public Areas Under Section 51

TAKE NOTICE that I Hon Stephen Wade MLC, Minister for Health and Wellbeing, pursuant to section 51 of the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997, do hereby declare that smoking is banned during the 2018 Ceduna Oysterfest during the period from 8.00am on Saturday 29 September to 11.00pm on Sunday 30 September 2018, in the public areas within the area located at the O’Loughlin Terrace foreshore park lawns, Ceduna, extending to the Ceduna Sailing Club Boat Ramp in the South and to the closest edge of the Day Terrace carpark in the North. To avoid any doubt, smoking is banned during this period in all public areas within these boundaries, except where there is a designated “smoking permitted” area that will be clearly signed.

The following map of the area known as the Ceduna Oysterfest 2018 No-Smoking Zone is provided for ease of reference only.

Dated: 18 September 2018

Hon Stephen Wade MLC
Minister for Health and Wellbeing

 Map 1: Ceduna Oysterfest 2018 No-Smoking