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Christmas Pageant Road Closure

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Road Closure Pageant 2018

Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of Council held on Monday 26th November 2018 the District Council of Kimba exercise the power subject to Sec 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and Clause F of the instrument of general approval of the Minister dated 22nd August 2013 to make an order that High Street from Martin Terrace to the southern side of North Terrace remain closed between 4pm & 8.30pm and that High St between Cross St and the southern side of North Terrace remain closed between 8.30pm and 10.30pm on Friday 21st December 2018 for the purpose of holding Kimba’s Christmas pageant and festivities.

That pursuant to Section 33 (1) (b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted, in relation to roads from the duty to observe the Australian Road Rules specified and attached to the exemption.

Rule 230 – Crossing a road – General

Rule 298 – driving with a person in a trailer provided the speed of the vehicle does not exceed 25km.

Dated: 26 November 2018

Deb Larwood
Chief Executive Officer