South Australian Government Gazette

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Authorised Community Mental Health Facilities

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


NOTICE is hereby given in accordance with Section 97A of the Mental Health Act 2009, that the Chief Psychiatrist has determined the following facilities as Authorised Community Mental Health Facilities commencing from 5 June 2017:

Ashton House Forensic Rehabilitation Step Down Unit, 290 Fosters Road, Oakden, S.A. 5086.

Eastern Community Mental Health Service, 172 Glynburn Road, Tranmere, S.A. 5073.

Elpida House, 16 Lurline Street, Mile End, S.A. 5031.

Marion Community Mental Health Services, Marion GP Plus, 10 Milham Street, Oaklands Park, S.A. 5046.

Noarlunga Community Mental Health Services (Adaire Clinic), Noarlunga GP Plus, Alexander Kelly Drive, Noarlunga Centre, S.A. 5168.

North East Community Mental Health Centre, 116 Reservoir Road, Modbury, S.A. 5092 (excluding Owenia House and The Gully).

Northern Community Mental Health Centre, 7-9 Park Terrace, Salisbury, S.A. 5108.

Northern Older Persons Mental Health Service, 30 Gawler Street, Salisbury, S.A. 5108.

Older Persons Mental Health Services (Southern Community Team), Springbank House, 1020 South Road, Edwardstown, S.A. 5043.

Western Community Mental Health Service, 57 Woodville Road, Woodville, S.A. 5011.

Western Intermediate Care Centre, 102 / 94 Portland Road, Queenstown, S.A. 5014.

Wondakka Community Rehabilitation Centre, 10 Saratoga Road, Elizabeth East, S.A. 5112.

A. Groves, Chief Psychiatrist