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Adelaide Casino Basic Training

Thursday, July 6, 2017

South Australia


GR Notice No. 3 of 2017

Adelaide Casino—Basic Training—Recognition
Notice 2017

[4 July 2017]

The Independent Gambling Authority publishes this notice under Section 33A of the Casino Act 1997:

   1.   Citation, authorising provisions

           (1)   This notice may be cited as the Adelaide Casino—Basic Training Recognition Notice 2015.

           (2)   This notice is authorised by Section 33A of the Casino Act 1997.

   2.   Recognised course of training

           (1)   This notice applies to the basic training course described in an application made by Skycity Adelaide Pty Ltd ABN 72 082 362 061 held on File No. AUTH 14/0063 Part 2.

           (2)   The course of training identified in the table is recognised as basic training for provision from the date indicated.


Course documentation description

Date of first provision

Version 2 (23/3/2017)

4 July 2017