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Aboriginal Lands Trust Appointment

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Scheme to Call for Expressions of Interest for Appointment to the Aboriginal Lands Trust

Pursuant to Section 10(2) of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 2013 (the Act), a vacancy exists within the Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT) requiring the call for expressions of interest for appointment to the ALT.

I, the Honourable Steven Marshall MP, Premier, hereby give notice that I intend to establish a selection panel for the purposes of recommending a person for appointment to the ALT in accordance with Section 11 of the Act and publish a Public Notice calling for applications by Aboriginal people interested in being appointed to the ALT.

The Public Notice will be published in the Advertiser, regional newspapers, websites of both the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the ALT, the principal office of the ALT, and provided to a wide range of relevant government and community agencies.

The Public Notice will allow two weeks for responses to be received for forwarding to the Selection Panel.

The Selection Panel will have one week to deliberate and make their recommendations to me.

The successful applicant will be appointed to the ALT by the Governor, on my nomination, upon recommendation of the Selection Panel.

Dated: 23 July 2019

Hon Steven Marshall MP