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2016 Report of Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Pursuant to Part 5 of the Constitution Act 1934 (SA) the Commission now makes and publishes an ORDER making an electoral redistribution, namely, the redistribution delineated and described in the district plans contained in the Schedule to this Order. The names at the top of the plans are the names of the electoral districts. The relationship of the electoral districts to one another is delineated in the three Rack Plans numbered 1094, 1095 and 1096 which are deposited with the Surveyor-General, Adelaide. (Any inconsistencies between the Rack plans and the district plans are to be resolved in favour of the district plans.)

The Commission DECLARES that the relevant date for the purpose of section 77 of the Act is 30 June 2016. The total number of electors on the electoral roll that day was 1, 185,994, so that the quota for each of the 47 House of Assembly districts is 25,234.

This Order shall be published in the Gazette.

Made at Adelaide this 7th day of December 2016 by the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission.

The Honourable Justice A M Vanstone – Chair

Mr D N Gully  Member

Mr M P Burdett  Member

Mr J Aquilina  Secretary

No. 78, Thursday, 8 December 2016, pp. 4593–4719